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Posted on 03 January 2015

Women have a hate/love relationship with swimsuits. Of course they want them for vacations and holidays or to lounge around the pool in, but they don’t always love shopping for them, dreading the thought of even having to go swimsuit shopping. Blame it on body image standards that our culture has placed on women, but the truth is, every woman can look great in a swimsuit regardless of their size. It’s just a matter of finding the right swimsuit that perfectly complements their body. Once they find that perfect swimsuit, they’ll feel confident flaunting what they’ve got on sandy beaches or at their own pool. Here’s a guide on how to find the perfect swimsuit that you’ll instantly fall in love with:


Women who have athletic builds often have trouble finding swimsuits that give them curves instead of straight lines. To create that illusion, women with this body type should choose swimsuits that have tops with gathering, padding or cups. Picking girlie and bright colors will also help add curves to this particular body type. Be sure to stay away form boy-cut briefs or bandeau tops that are straight across, as well as full pieces that are shapeless since they will only enhance your straight, athletic figure.

Big Butt

Some women have a bit of junk in the trunk and find that high-cut swimsuits or string bikinis are too revealing and are just too uncomfortable to wear. For women who want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit despite their ample backside, choose deigns that have solid bottoms and printed tops to balance out your butt.

Flat Butt

For girls who wish they had huge booties, opt for swimsuits that have loads of frills or ruching in the behind to make it seem as if have a Kim Kardashian backside. Pieces that have bold, bright colors and loud prints will distract eyes from your flat tush.

Big Boobs

While some women are bigger on bottom, there are some who are really big on top. Big boobs are no friends of string bikinis since your girls might pop out. For these gals, the best suits are the ones that feature cup sizes and underwire that offer support so that you don’t spill out of your top. Also, girls with huge boobs should look for suits with thicker straps that will hold your girls up while splashing in the pool or waves.

Small Boobs

For those who wish they had more on top, swimsuits that have lots of embellishments and ruffles will make it seem as if you have larger cup sizes. And you can always get tops with extra padding!

Wider Midsection

For women who find that their midsection is always their trouble area should choose swimsuits that have high-waisted bottoms since it will tuck you in and make it look as if you have a smaller waist. Just remember to make sure that the bottom goes above your belly button because you don’t want a muffin top while at the beach!

Next time you go swimsuit shopping, remember these tips and you’ll go home with a suit you will absolutely love wearing!

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