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Posted on 14 January 2015

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you. It can describe your personality, work ethics, style choices and more, which is why many people choose to follow astrogeology guides. But whether you think they’re a joke or live by them, they’re still pretty fun to read. We’ve compiled a few bikinis that match each astrological sign so see if it matches up with your preferences!


The first sign of the zodiac is always associated with red since it’s a bold and firey sign that’s rules by the planet Mars. And we’re not talking about just any red…but a deep blood red that turns heads! It’s the color of activity, energy and aggression and will literally make everyone stop in their tracks to see such a blazing color. Our Red Sailor Lace Trim Bikini with Scrunch Butt Bikini is just what you need to turn heads and show off your firey Aries traits!



Since the ruling planet is Venus, Taurus is associated with pink and white. These colors are sensible and practical and are tones that will perk them up. The Neon Pink Multiple Strappy Bandeau Bra with Strappy Cheeky Bottom will perk them up in no time!



The dual sign is symbolized by the twins and are Mercury rules this sign. Green is their favorite color because it symbolizes growth, creativity and rejuvenation. Our Solid Olive Scoop Bandeau Bra with Cheeky Tie Side Bottom will rule the beaches!



As a moon ruled sign, the colors that go best with Cancer include blue, white and silver. These colors reflect how sensitive this sign is and how much they care about people. The White Triangle Fringe Bikini With Tie Side Bottom is just what any Cancer girl needs!



The royal sign of the zodiac is ruled by the sun, which is probably why Leos like to dress up in bold and bright colors. The best color for Leos is gold since it will make them shine bright like the sun. Orange also works best and will match their charismatic personality. The Orange Striped Cheetah One Piece Monokini will show off their inner Leo!



As the second sign that’s ruled by mercury, Virgos look best in pastel or pale shades of all colors like peach and mauve, light blue and light pink. The Cream Crochet Vintage Scrunch Butt Monokini will look beautiful on any Virgo.



The best color for this sign is blue since Libra is an airy sign, meaning they are a sign of peace, harmony and symmetry. Try our Blue And White Dots Bandeau Bikini with Tab Side Bottom Bikini for perfect harmony!



Maroon or a deep scarlet red does wonders for this sign since it represents their mystic sensibilities. The Red Sheer Chiffon Tunic works to cover up any maroon bathing suit for a Scorpio!



Yellow appeals to this sign since it’s a color of good cheer, brightness and optimism, as well as happiness. Our bright Solid Yellow Bandeau Bra with Tab Side Bottom will bring you happiness in an instant!



This zodiac sign is associated with colors that are plain and stark so black is usually a color of choice. Also black and white combinations work well with this sign since they are contemplative, serious and reserve. The Solid Black Bow Bandeau Bikini with Scrunch Butt Bottom will be a favored suit!



Violets and other psychedelic colors appeal to this sign. They like all electric shades and colors that really light up and love unconventional colors. Turquoise also works well with this sign. Our Bright Turquoise Triangle Fringe Bikini with Tie Side Bottom will light up any pool or beach!



As a watery and mystical sign, sea-green colors emphasize their compassion. They are reflective by nature, always trying to see the balance of things. The Mint Crochet Vintage Scrunch Butt Monokini is just what a Pieces gal needs for any summer adventure!


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