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Posted on 09 April 2016

False eyelashes are beauty staples these days, with blogger, beauty mavens and celebrities all sporting long and luscious eyelashes. But they aren’t always easy to apply. Many still struggle with putting on false eyelashes so here are some tips on how to flawlessly apply them so that lash game is always on point:


  1. It’s easier if the lash band is curved

If you’re looking for an easier way to apply your falsies, then curve the lash band. And don’t freak out if you bent it way too much since it is way easier to apply false eyelashes the more curved it is. Trying to pin down both ends of a straight band is literally hell, so go ahead and curve away to get the best U-shape you possible can. To do so, simply toggle the eyelash band back and forth between your fingers to form a U shape or wrap it around a brush to get the circle shape.


  1. Get rid of excess oil

Some people naturally have oily eyelids and that can pose a problem for false eyelashes. Oil makes it harder for the glue to bond to your lids, so make sure that you blot any extra oil with oil blotting sheets to make it easier to apply the lashes. And if you plan on re-using them after one time, never remove them using an oil-based makeup remover since it will be hell to glue them back in the next time you use them.


  1. The right position

Although there’s no right or wrong way to apply your lashes, there is an easier method by putting your elbows on your vanity or table. Instead of looking straight into the mirror, lay a mirror on a flat surface and place your elbows on either side. Look down and apply! This angle makes it easier to see where you should apply your lashes.


  1. Cut them into pieces

Sometimes it’s easier to put in piece of the lashes instead of the whole strip. This allows you to really get a feel for putting them on so that you can easily work your way up to putting them on using the entire lash band.

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